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      Network Marketing and MLM mean the same thing. MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing and isn't used as much now, as the more politically correct term "Network Marketing" is used by most consultants today. Network Marketing / MLM is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, basically a home based business. These products and services are marketed to customers by independent sales consultants. Depending on the company, the salespeople may be called distributors,consultants or various other titles. Products are sold primarily through personal relationships and one-on-one retailing.      MLM or Network Marketing is different from Direct Sales. In a Direct Sales company distributors make most of their money from simply reselling the company products. These companies usually market through home party plans etc. Unlike your typical MLM business, there are large commissions paid to the person doing the "selling" and a much smaller percentage paid "upline
Network Marketing is also different than Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketers are more concerned with getting a one time transaction. The more they sell the more they make. Unlike products offered in a MLM business their products are often ones that a customer would only need to purchase one time. In Network Marketing when you refer people to your business they go on and refer others. You get paid commissions on the sales of everyone you ever refer to your MLM company. When the people you refer go on and refer other people you get paid commissions on those orders too! Finding people that want your product or are interested in your opportunity is critical. Don't worry though. It doesn't take many. Don't just think of who YOU KNOW, think of all the people everyone you know, knows!Starting to get the picture?
 MLM stands for Multi-level-marketing the software is basically designed for the network marketing and selling of products or goods through various distributors. In other words MLM is an alternate channel to manufacture products to market. It is stepwise marketing system in which the goal of salesperson is not only to buy and sell the product but also recruit others to buy and sell the product. This system will become binary chain of the buyers and distributors, each distributor will get a portion of the fee paid by his/her recruited member. Sales you create directly or indirectly will get you profit, you will get bonus on sales made by the people you enrolled in the company. This chain of profit and commission will go on an on.
Benefits ...
• Rapid growth
• No extra advertising cost
• Dedicated, Interested and Specialized marketing force
• Revenue growth for company
• Long distributor’s chain
• Software featuring Admin Panel.
• Online registration feature.
• Member login feature.
• Software generate monthly payout according to plan
• Software with facility of product management.
• Software with facility of Repurchase and Distribution.
• Genology or Tree view to see each member down line/individual details.
• Commission calculation from admin side.
• Software provides Multi level users facility with great sense of security.
• Software is simple reliable and easy to operate.
• Fully organized member and administration section.
Developing customize online software’s for MLM companies is our specialty. You can count on us for the best possible service and support. MLM companies are running on trust. Without online software, it's really difficult to run your MLM Company. Another part of MLM software development is support after development, most of the companies develop the software never give proper support to software’s, which force MLM companies to close down their operation. We as a software developing company we have already developed near about 50 over MLM software’s a good support is back bone of a MLM company. Pick a right IT Company that can fulfill the requirements of the desired software.When you acquiring the Software must consider the following points.
• MLM Experts: Compare among other MLM professional
• Legal MLM Software
• Data Security
• Payroll Flexibility
• International
• Scalable
We Create the Succesful Technologies for Client
• Stable and Strong Software.
• Good Customer Support.
• On time payout delivery reports.
• Strong reports.
• Specialized and motivated teem setup.