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Hospital Management Information System

(Meditrack Plus 5.2)
Globalsky Technologies(GST) Provide Meditrack Plus is designed and developed for healthcare organizations,to provide the finest automation and messsaging system. which converges latest technology and your administrative process to manage work process within the hospital. This is designed for multi-speciality hospitals, to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes. The package enables improved patient care, patient safety, efficiency and reduced costs. It provides easy access to critical information, thereby enabling management to make better decisions on time.It is an integrated client server application which uses microsoft technologies as Front End (C#.NET) and Flexible back end (MS SQL Server).
Meditrack Plus is a Software product suite designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and hospital health care management in the areas of clinical process analysis.Meditrack Plus enables you to develop your organization and improve its effectiveness and quality of work. Managing the key processes efficiently is critical to the success of the hospital helps you manage your processes.
Security:100 % Error free and Data Security Software
1. Out Patient Management
2. In Patient Management
3. Casualty & Emergency Management
4. Ward Admission/Discharge Management
5. Duty Roster Management
6. Pathlogy/Lab Management
7. Employee Management
8. PatientCare/Nursing Management
9. OT Management
10. Blood Bank Management
11. Cash/Credit Or Transaction Management
12. Finance & Account Management
13. Pharmacy/Medical Stores & Purchase Management
14. Inventory management
15.Patient Medicine
16.Visitor Detail
Out Patient Management:
System Can generate the PIN(Patient Identification Number)for patient of first entry of hospital.They receive the Name,Address,age(DOB),Sex,Contact no and print the card with patient ID No and also provides the facilities of Booking and Modify the appointment of doctor.
In Patient Management:
InPatient registration When a patient comes to the reception desk for admission, A Separate new patient ID No is automatically allotted to him. His personal details along with the details of Admission, Room, Consultant, Surgeon, Diet, etc. and the Advance Payment made are fed into the software. The Software will record all this information and print the related documents.
Casualty & Emergency Management:
This module is built to serve the emergency patients uninterruptedly. It guides the management of the patient from his/her arrival in the casualty to his transfer to the respective department for further management. This module sends alerts to the concerned departments of the healthcare organization, captures the details of the patient condition at the time of arrival, course of action undertaken and helps in planning the further management of the patient.
Ward Admission/Discharge Management:
This module can be used when patient is admitted in the ward(Hospital).its recieve the information from opd registration.This module  can assign the admitted date,department,relative person and bed no etc.patient can be  sometimes exchange the bed one to another that is also maintain the responsibility of this module and discharge the patient  record are also maintain this module.
Duty Roster Management:
The duty roster management module is used for scheduling of working hours for the staff of various departments, including doctors and nurses which work round the clock. It maintains shift rotation of doctors and nurses, analyze the workload and skills of the nurses. This module is used to assign various timings to different shifts, assign shifts to various employees department wise. It also helps manage substitutions for absent employees.
Pathlogy/Lab Management:
The Laboratory Information system module is used by the pathology lab to record and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital.The Laboratory module supports to perform various tests under the following disciplines: Biochemistry, Cytology, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, Neurology and Radiology. Tests are grouped under various sections and sample type (specimen). Based on the request the user can input the sample and generate the sample number and get a sample number printed. Results can be entered based on the sample type either to one test or multiple tests. If the test result requires approval, the supervisor has to approve the result and it is made available to concerned doctors.
Employee Management:
This module is used for keep the record of staff of organization.Software generate the EmpID No for maintain the record of salary payment and days wise and month wise payment system of staff and perform the other relative work of hospital.
PatientCare/Nursing Management:
This module provides the facility for nursing or Ward staffs to manage the floors. This module manages special units like ICU, OT activity and tracks the services given to the patient in their respective wards. Nursing workbench is a comprehensive module that provides the facility for nurses to administer and maintain throughout patient care. It works in conjunction with doctor's workbench and other modules and departmental functions of the clinical and administrative systems of the HIS.
OT Management:
This module concern the patient who is gone through any operation and his detail information like operation date, surgeon, therapy, special notice, operation type, operation room number.Operation Theater module tracks all surgeries that take place in the hospital. It helps in scheduling the theaters, surgery team, records the surgery details and all checklists associated with the surgery.
-Accurate scheduling of the operations with flexibility in managing bookings.
-Inventory and stock management of the OT.
-Anesthesia details monitoring and recording.
-Alerts on abnormal reading.
Blood Bank Management:
module supports all the functionalities of Blood Bank such as receiving requisitions for blood and issuing blood and blood products. It also monitor the blood collection and blood transfusion process and records the details of the process. It provides provision to record the donor or recipient reactions. This module helps you manages the storage of blood and blood items and also helps you maintain the stock.
-Maintain the record on Stocks-Blood Group wise, Area wise and Expiry date wise.
-Donor Database-Blood Group wise and Area wise.
-Accurate database/Record Management.
Cash/Credit Or Transaction Management:
This can be maintain the  billing function of all the services of the hospital.various type of report are fetch by this software.
Finance & Account Management:
This module are design for all the financial trancation of the hospital.This can be maintain the different voucher,ledger,trial balance,income and balance sheet statement,cash,expenses and other book of accounts.
-Cash book.
-Trial report
-Balance Sheet.
-Statement of income.
-Daily,monthly financial statements.
Pharmacy/Medical Stores & Purchase Management:
This module maintain the facilities about the pharmacy related work including purchasing,selling record.This module describe the drug information system, dispensing, stock management and control functions of the pharmacy department.
Inventory Management:
This module maintain the facilities about the inventory of hospital such as the  System supports updating inventory information for all items, monitoring inventory depletion and importing and exporting inventory information to and from external systems of record and record of inventory transaction.it's also maintain the mfd date and exp date of item.
Patient Medicine: Doctor will be prescribe the medicine/report into the software module and its will receive the all medicine of patient. This will benefit the paperless policy where will be replaced by digital record system. All the prescription provided by the doctor and all medical report (scanned digital data) will be upload into the software. This detail will be show any time and any where when provide the patient reg no into the software.
Visitor Detail: This will recieve the information of person who come into the hospital and print the detail.
Note:All report or detail are printable.